Curlew Country is a 2-year community project based mainly in the North East Staffordshire Moorlands and over the county border into Derbyshire Dales, the main aim of which is to create a greater awareness of the plight of the symbol of the Staffordshire Moorlands - the curlew - through education and celebration.

The 2008 Sightings Map has been completed. It was my intention too produce a sightings map for 2009, but I have had few reports in, although there seems to be plenty of them about this year. Instead, I am hoping to start a video and sounds project of the birds.

Curlew in flight

The project was developed by a group of volunteers in partnership with The Peak District National Park Authority Ranger Service and Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. It engaged the local communities in a series of environmental, educational and artistic activities and events, which are showcased here on our website. Our intention was to widen public knowledge and understanding of the curlew and the Moorlands area which forms its summer habitat, and consequently to stimulate interest and action - in conserving our local heritage.